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On hold
... for how long?
I think that everyone noticed by know that Quadrant Wars has been on hold for a while. I personally doubt that it will be coming back in a completely finished shape.
Although the game got really far (It's pretty playable), the (confirmed) problems with my internet provider (see November 2002) have really had it's impact.

There simply was no solution back at the time for this problem (Except for changing providers).

Despite the sad news, I'm happy I have learned so much from this game. Especially regarding multiplayer net code. One important thing what I learned back in 2002 is that, when depending on other people for servers, a linux server should be provided. Unfortunately this was (and is) impossible with DirectPlay.

DirectX 9 released!
20 December, 2002 - By Almar [Programmer]
Well, most of you probably knew it, but DirectX9 was released a while ago. Now this is good news for you and me =).
DirectX9 should work through the @Home hardware problem, as written below (news of 29 August).
So, last weekend I tried it with someone from Australia. And guess what? It worked!
He had like 400ms latency/ping, but the game went pretty ok, in my opinion.

The VB Christmas contest is also back again in two days, so I'm qiuckly going to add shield recharging and submit QW again (again).
If anyone can run a server (on a machine with DirectX9) please contact me, that would be awesome!


Forums up
10 November, 2002 - By Almar [Programmer]
The forums are back up, I got myself a new domain which is a "collection" point of all my stuff I have online.

Unfortunatly the problem regarding the packets still exists. @Home has confirmed the problem, and found out that it's a problem in a Com21 controller "smaller versions" for not-too-large-cities).. I asked Microsoft how big the intial connection packets are... Answer: 5 bytes. And guess what? The defect in the Com controller drops everything under 6 bytes. @Home dropped the problem at the door of Com21, but Com21 doesn't seem to really care.

The only way that will make QW go online is moving to ADSL, but it's too expensive, and the speed is much and much slower :-/...

Project status
28 August, 2002 - By Almar [Programmer]
Time for a new update on the website about Quadrant Wars =o)
The past few months I've been very busy with my study, but at the begin of my vacation I decided/promised myself to finish QW to a "pretty much playable state" before the vacation ends. Well, here we are. One day left before I have to go to school to get my new roster.
Did I keep my promise? Yes, and no =-).

First: I fixed any bug in QW I could find the last months, and added some new features like shockwaves when I was bored. LAst week I decided to release a private copy to a few guys so we could test it. Since I'm behind a router, I had to switch my network cables: I had been messing with the router's firewall/forward rules, together with my brother for two weeks, with a few limited results. DirectX8's multiplayer didn't work, but DirectX7 did work! Well, we never got that working. BUT during the Quadrant Wars test I discovered the fact that @Home is blocking UDP ports somehow, resulting in exactly the same problems as the router (DX8 didn't work, DX7 did) without a router, but with a direct connection!

What has this to do with Quadrant Wars? Well, I'd like to test QW out myself while other players are in the game as well. I'm the only person that can decide if the networkcode is good enough or not. I want it to be stable to atleast 200ms ping/latency. That's the reason why you guys haven't been playing QW. @Home is now working on the UDP port blocking, since not everyone here has those problems, and it seems to be though to find.
After I've tested QW someday (hopefully soon, since I'm going to get it very busy this year), I hope I can organize some new graphics for the ships and stuff. I do not want to ask Artists before I know QW works good, so that they do not waste their time.

I'm also going to get new forum software later on, when I know QW can be played online... so I can get some decent discussions, and bug reports =-). Also, if you can host a server someday, please let me know! QW really depends on people with those nice connections on servers.. I'm just a student, and cannot affort hosting a server anywhere, and my own connection is absolutely not good enough to host a server for more than 6 players or so..


News Update
1 May, 2002 - By Almar [Programmer]

Since 14 April I've been working pretty much on QW again. Many bugfixes... I messed a bit with the Network code as well, I hope it still works over the internet. (On LAN it worked less than before), but this changed code fixes the torpedoes "warping" and makes the game completely framerate independent...


Some news! =oP
14 April, 2002 - By Almar [Programmer]
Well, it's been a while since I wrote something here, isn't it. Well, it's mainly cause I really had (have) a Quadrant Wars burn-out after the contest. I programmed those days so much, that I barely did anything else. I've been making some money with programming at RentACoder...taking up time as well. But since I got some messages from people that they can probably host a server (!), and some people on the VB gaming forums were constantly asking multiplayer related questions, I decided to open the source right now. I want to finish QW this lifetime!
I've already fixed one of the bugs found in the contest release, that the AI ships couldn't be destroyed.

I hope to get a new version ready someday, I'm still very limitted in my time... but I really want to finish this game and start on something other cools =-)


Contest results
16 Februari, 2002 - By Almar [Programmer]
Hmm, QW just lost the contest with 3-4 votes... A bit pity, but oh well. I fixed some bugs during the contest which would have never been found if I didn't release it, that makes me a bit happier again.
Anyway, I'm a bit stuck with QW till I can test it on a large scale over the internet. So I desperately hope someone can host a server sometime...

Contest release
6 Februari, 2002 - By Almar [Programmer]
There's a contest release of Quadrant wars available at! Note this one already required a bugfix, so be sure to download the updatwed exe here: (You've got to rename it to .exe and copy it to the QW dir.); Don't forget to vote!

If you have a go at it and try it, please return any bugs to me... there seems to be some incompatibility with XP systems.
There is only one singleplayer map available (the secret feature I worked on ;)), I never had the time to make some others (I have included a map eidtor in the program as well..but never made a map with it yet).
Please read the readme file, and the help file...

Also note that I'm hoping that someone could host a server, so that multiplayer can be tested once as well (I know it works on the network, I've seen it work over the internet..but that was back in June). See the helpfile for details.

Almar Joling

Happy new year!
4 Januari, 2002 - By Almar [Programmer]
Happy new year everyone!
I have to apologize for the lack of updates. The Christmas contest was postponed to 24 Januari, so that's when you'll see the game definetly.

I've been working on QW though, I noticed the game crashes under Win98, and that the stars aren't visible at all. Now the last thing might (hopefully) be a driver problem, since I do see the pretty stars under the Win2k install.

My current small project is a map-editor, for Quadrant Wars ofcourse. In the screenshot section you can see a new screenshot how it looks like.

The forums are down aswell, our host has some problems with the provider... The forums can be fixed any day though.

7 December, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
I'm now calling QW 'stable'. I won't add any new features to the game till the Christmas contest this month. I'm now only going to add lots of code comments on all 25k lines of code =-).

More good news
November 27, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
I'm going to add a little present for you in the version that will be released in Christmas. You won't be bored in your free time =-). QW will really be downloadable next month, I'm working as hard as I can on it, for the Christmas deadline contest on one of the Vb gaming sites =-)

November 25, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
Okay, MP3 support is in the game. Place an mp3/mp2/mp1 file in the \music\ directory and the game will automatically load it on startup.
I might add some sort "playlist" later, but this is a game and not WinAmp =-)

November 24, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
Well, the ability to play music in the game is now available. And it's pretty nice too!
You can use ALT-Z/X/C/V to control the CDROM-drive, so if you have some nice music cd's, you can play them directly in QW. Alds, there's this directory called "\music\", any music in the form of mod formats (*.s3m,*.xm,*.mod,*.it, etc) will be put in a list and can be selected to play, using ALT-N/M/,/..
I might add MP3 support as well later, but it requires a bit more effort...
If some visitors here are 'trackers' using the previously mentioned Tracker formats... And you can make some good music, give it a try for me =-).
I found one artist's music somewhere... Going to e-mail if I can use some of his music. It's great =-)

November 14, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
Currently working on the credits list, and going to render some new ships... Unfortunatly I haven't been able to test the Alpha.. time has become severely limited =-(. Hope to do it pretty soon though...

Forums, Part II
November 4, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
Okay, the forums are now completely back online (you can use the forums link again). Special thanks to David from for hosting the forums. The downloads of QW will also be placed on that server. I'm going to test QW Alpha first in a "less public" environment. if everything works out well, it will become a public download. I need to get my masterserver online first though...


October 23, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
I've found another Perl host... the forums are currently (and hopefully temporarily) hosted there.
Please note that you need to register and login to see anything. I don't know why this is though... I've checked every option for the board, but found nothing.

Player registration
October 23, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
The player registration code is in. If you enter a name that is unknown for the server, QW will ask you if you want to continue as a new player... if so you'll be added to the database. Works pretty nicely.
Since a few weeks I've been trying to get an estimation of the lines of code/comments in the code of QW (using old backups this works pretty good). For the dedicated server/masterserver I never made any backups, so that's why they're at a constant height (the current amount of lines). You can see that I'm sometimes in a programming mood :) Please note though that the dates are not constant... so the graph is practically incorrect =-)

October 16, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
Finally we're getting somewhere! The server can now be set to a time limit. If the time is up the server will determine a winner (using several options, that can be specified, most planets in hands, most kills, etc). The clients show the results and the winner on the screen. Now after a few seconds the game will reconnect and a new game can be played, with all the map settings reset to their server-configured state (so all captured planets will change back to their original race, for example)

Also did you check out the real-time animated Nebula? disregard the blue particles above the ship... I've removed this feature anyway, they were supposed to result in an effect like in the Voyager intro, when the ship leaves the nebula some 'nebula dust' would follow the ship for a few seconds and disappear...


October 11, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
Check the screenshot section for 3 new screenshots... I forgot to upload some new ones lately. Loading those screenshots might take a few seconds.

Enjoy! =-D

User database
October 2, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
The user database is almost completely working. So now you'll have an unique name that you can use in the game.
School is severely reducing my time for programming, but QW is going well.

I wish the messageboard could get online though...

Remote administration
September 18, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
I've almost finished the remote administration webserver. It was pretty easy to make it, but I didn't want to use the "Winsock control", since it requires every server to have an .ocx file registered in the \system(32) directory. So I went for the "winsock API" instead, which is the same, but then harder, and no OCX required! I've only got to add some code that the webserver will accept form 'posts', so you can change the server properties from a website :)

PS: The webserver code will probably be uploaded on Hope to win something with it. (It's the only opensource winsock API webserver Ive seen on the net, written in VB)

PPS: My email account seems to function fine again


Ok, please read
September 12, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
Firstly, I'm not American, not even close to the country (I'm from The Netherlands), but I wanted have my website temporarily "black". There where more Dutch sites that did the same, to show that we're also shocked about the events in America.

Second: Qw is about to be finished. I might add some new things, like singleplayer, but I really want to work on a game that can be published... I look forward to see my own game in a store... That would be cool. I first had ideas for CTF, domination ,assault (missions) and stuff... but it just isn't worth all my time anymore. After 3 years working on the same game it becomes a bit boring. Sure I'll be making updates, bug don't worry.

Ok, this is my current list, which I use to keep track of things...

-Spectator mode
-Server faster processing
-Time-out when trying to connect
-Stations can be destroyed
-Station fire back
-Planet capturing
-Added alt-tab functionality in menu
-Race point indicators
-Alt-tab ingame now also possible
-Fixed dedicated-server bug that caused a crash after play exits
-Dialog system in
-Different ships specs are in!

Different weapons
Update graphics

September 11, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
Okay, the dialog boxes are in that will inform you if something is missing or if you got to enter something like an IP-address. LAN games are also possible now, simply enter the IP address and the game wil (try) to connect, masterserver connection not required anymore.
There are a few small issues with the dialogs boxes, but none are critical.

September 11, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
After some major server trouble, I believe I can say most things are working again... Although I have to look how to recreate my email account. Any email sent to me last week is lost

Interfaces, players lists, and more stuff
August 31, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
Added a progressbar to the loading screen, should give you a better indication how much time is needed to start the game, added a playerlist in the game, an nice graphics isn't available yet, so pure text only now, and added a system for private messages/team message (subspace style).

Edit: And space stations now really shoot aimed at you. Only if you're an different race ofcourse... will take you a while evading those weapons.

Planet capturing
August 25, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
One day back from vacation, and immediatly started coding on the planet capturing. Well, it's 100% perfect now. Only thing that needs to be done is the right placement of stations, and some tweaking with hull strength of those stations. I'm going to implent the aiming code now, so the stations shoot back if you get to close.

Sadly, school starts within a few days, making my programming time more limited then ever before, since I'm now going to a college, I finished my final exams/GCSE three months ago.


Space stations!
August 15, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
I've done lots of stuff the last 3 days. First, the server sends all the map data now. So soon the server can have customized maps.
Second, I've speed up the load process of the textures with atleast 50%. It goes pretty fast now!
And third:

I just have one word for it: Cool =-P

Download Update II!
August 12, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
Ok you can now download update 2 from the download section... overwrite all the files and you're ready to go. I believe the server ping code doesn't work perfectly though. Currently 'Opello's" server is online. Many thanks to him =-)
I'll probably be floating somewhere around too... Post bugs/comments/suggestions on the messageboard.


Deathmatch version II
August 10, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
It's ready for download, but I have to wait till one server is up. This way you can immediatly try it for a while. I've played it with someone else already and it went perfect, except for some small graphical problems.
If anyone can host a server now (two is always better than one :o), post it in the messageboard, or private message me (in the messageboard). The server doesn't take up that much bandwidth anyways. I just cannot host it 24/7 myself. If someone could host for 2 or 3 days, I would be *very* happy!

New Messageboard
August 9, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
I've created a new messageboard... I got tired of the ezBoard popups and ads. This one is completely "banner-less". And I think this board is definetly worth it. The real URL is but I've made a simple redirect script that will take you to the same URL, using Both URL's are case sensitive.

Deathmatch release 2
August 3, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
I'm now working on the final parts for DM release 2. I'm trying to make a small setup program for the people that have multiple graphic cards in their machine (like Voodoo2), so that they can choose which card to use. I hope this solves some of the startup problems. I'm also going to give the setup the ability to check fi your card supports everything that QW needs to run...

Font & Space station
27 Juli, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
The new font rasterizer is working very nicely. There are some weird small bugs though, sometimes the text becomes partly "lined" and other weird things. I've got to fix these first. Unfortunatly, thay only seem to happen when playing with two (and more, I guess) players.
Meanwhile I'm working on the space stations, they will pretty soon fire back... And hurt you =-)

Stay tuned!
27 Juli, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
The disconnection problems of my server were caused by the router that is used to give internet access to other PC's.
THe update is scheduled one day later (tommorow =-), I've *finally* found a method to have a bitmap font with simply vertices. I just need to find a nice font now, Going through more than 1000 fonts right now while I type this.

26 Juli, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
I've worked all day to fix some bugs. First, the masterserver. There were a few lines of code that even amazed me that they where still in the game... This tihng should be very stable now. It didn't crash that much, but it did happen two times (too much).
Further I've fixed the weapons, somehow when they were shot horizontal, they moved fine, but ifgoing a bit vertical, it would move very weird. I just had a "+" where there should have been a "-". This one is okay now. Weapons look a lot better now.
The Stats and other text stuff can now be turned off in-game (by pressing [R]). The text is the bottleneck why a few people had such low framerate. with text I run at 200, without I run at 660fps. So 33 should really be impossible now.
I've optimised a few lines of code, I'm going to add more extenisve "capabilities" code later, so QW can check if your video card supports everything that is neccassary.

New version will be available tommorow. Thanks for trying people, makes me happy I didn't do this for nothing. With two players online it was cool. I wonder how it looks with 10 or more =-)

PS: I've changed the masterserver/dedicated server id's... they cannot connect anymore. So you do not have to try QW or starting a server till the next update.


25 Juli, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
Okay people, I've uploaded an update in the download section. Simply overwrite the two files. You *cannot* connect with the old version anymore. I've done this so that old versions cannot crash the masterserver. Everything should hopefully be working better now. I've fixed the DX8 bug now completely, in a more professional method.

Btw: Is there someone that could try to keep a server running for a while? I cannot host a server 24/7 because my Parents won't let me =-(. Thanks in advance.

Update: I've been trying and trying, and found out that the server *does* connect when I terminate the server! Weird eh? I've sent a bugreport aboutt his to a Newsgroup about DirectX.Networking. Hope they can solve this problem. Anyway, can some people pleasy try to host a server (using the update) and only see if the server returns the IP address? or just connects? this is such a weird problem...

25 Juli, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
Ok it seems that I cannot connect to the masterserver anymore. Well, I've atleast had the chance to play with two people online =-)!. But their framerate was so low, very strange...

I've just heard from Baudchaser (the guy that hosts the masterserver) that the server had an error message... This is caused by a bug in DX8... see yesterdays news for info on this.

Well, I'm going to do some fixing, I hope.

25 Juli, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
Something weird with my server is happening, gets disconnected every now and then form the masterserver...
Trying to find out what it is.

Download available!
25 Juli, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
I'd like to notify that a 'deatmatch' version of Quadrant Wars is available now at the download section!
This is only a deathmatch version to see how the movement code performs online. Since I still believe the weapon code is not perfect, I'm going to try a complete new method for that in deathmatch release 2. This game is far from complete, so don't get your expectations all too high!

24 Juli, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
will Quadrant Wars Deathmatch release 1 available from this website! I've removed a few things, made a readme file, fixed the DirectX8.0 bug, all should be fine now. A bit scary, since I've never seen the multiplayer code with more than two players. Luckily I only have to tweak some values if there does mess something up.

Masterserver running, but
23 Juli, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
The masterserver is running, special thanks to Baudchaser(!
I do have to make on big decision though. In DirectX8.0 there's a small bug related to IP address. If a server connects (through a router) to the masterserver, it will show up as 192.168.0.x, an internal network address.
Unfortunatly this address is unusable for any internet connection, and clients that try to connect to this IP simply can't, cause they're in fact connecting to their own network.

This bug is supposed to be solved in DirectX8.1. Problem is I don't know when it will be available, and I could easily solve it by giving people the ability to 'overide' the IP address. That could again lead to abuse or whatever.
That's probably what I'm going to do. The only abuse I can think of is that you can make own server forward to another... but that wouldn't matter really much. So, I'm going to fix this thing, and then release the deathmatch version.

I haven't been sitting still... I've started on the orbital stations that are defending the planets, and that need to be destroyed to get that place under your command.

I've got add a small thing to yesterday's post
19 Juli, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
About the masterserver, that is. It's part of an email I sent to someone else, but I believe he used Linux, so the server wouldn't run anyways...:

Now, let me first explain what the masterserver is, it's a very simple program, where other (dedicated) game servers *only* connect to. When a 'dedicated' server connects to it, a new server is added to the array of all servers and when a 'dedicated' server disconnects (quits (or crashes)) it will be removed again from the array. Players will connect to the masterserver and they will receive a list of all available servers (the servers in the array). At the moment you cannot refresh the list in game, so when a player starts the game the list will be only *once* requested, and the only method to reset the list is to restart the game.

I've done some calculations to get an idea of bandwidth usage. I guess when a *server* connects DirectPlay will use something like 20 bytes, and when disconnecting 8 bytes or so, I cannot get the exact value for those two... When a player connects the same values will apply, but the serverlist is sent to them (=upload)
I've calculated that it's 45bytes for every server. Since QW currently does not have the ability to "scroll" the serverlist, I guess there won't be more than 25 servers (the server box is 300pixels, and every item is 12pixel high (300 \ 12 = 25)) So that will be max (25 * 45) = 1.1kb for every player. Well, I really do not know how much players will start the game, but it will be playercount * 1.1kb I guess, maximum. The average website is 3 times bigger than 1.1kb =-)

It doesn't have to run stand alone... the program simply run while you're doing your daily stuff on your computer... the CPU usage it needs it never going to be above 1-2% (atleast on my PC it never did)

18 Juli, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
Okay, Quadrant Wars is now in a shape to be released. I still have to find a place to host the masterserver and/or one fixed dedicated server. If you have a spare PC somewhere, and like to host a game server (the bandwidth usage isn't that much) feel free to mail me :-)


Deathmatch version: This week?
16 Juli, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
Looks like it =-)
Fixing some bugs that never got my attention, should be alright now. There's just one thing I can't get right related to the drawing of text, everytime I get black squares with the characters in them... gets very annoying by now.

Destruction & wormholes
10 Juli, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
Shoot a few times on a ship and it will blow up. At the moment there isn't really any difference where you hit the ship, I'll do that later when I've found a nice method to do such things.
The wormholes are completely functional now. If you move through one you'll "spawn" at a different (specified) place, or a completely random one. I've made it so that you'll arrive somewhere around the destination place. This to prevent people that will wait at the end of wormholes to immediatly kill ships coming trough the wormhole.
Cloaked ships will only have a "spawn flash" (very cool), so if you see those flashes, you know that you are not the only one in that part of the galaxy...
Stay tuned... a deathmatch version will arrive soon, to test all the code over the internet

Other ships
9 Juli, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
It's now possible to select ships from the main menu, and play with them!
Check the screenshot section for a little 1vs1 battle I had with my brother =-)

5 Juli, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
Okay, the wormholes are in. One small minor bug in the blending of the two textures, but I think that it can be solved...
Since I do not want to show all the wormhole images, I'm going to show you the ones with another bug in it. This one is solved now, so in game they look even prettier. I'm not sure if it slows the game down much. If so, I'll make screenshots and save the wormhole as a bitmap (should look the same, but no blending needed anymore)

Masterserver finished
3 Juli, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
I've finished the masterserver, and it works flawless. If Quadrant Wars starts, the game will query the masterserver for game-servers. These will be added to the list so that you can choose one and play on it. Ping is automatically shown and updated every 10secs... Looks cool

Website problems all fixed
29 June, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
All the problems on this website are fixed now. Should you still find an error somewhere, please mail me the problem.

Plasma leaks
24 June, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
I've added a particle system to the game. Now look at this screenshot! It's a very simple (snow) texture I'm currently using, and the width isn't completely right too, but it looks great, doesn't it? Also the source isn't from the engines, but that wouldn't be too hard to change, I believe. If you see someone with a trail, you'll know his hull is like butter :o)

Directional shields
22 June, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
If you now get hit at the left, the shield will light up there. It looks very cool, maybe even more than that! There is some minor bug every now and then, it will make the shields light up 180 degrees further (making it look like it was mirrored), I'll fix that later.

Screenshots! Yay!
21 June, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
Well, I've put two screenshots online of my latest version. Check 'em out in the screenshot section!
I've noticed several bugs in my website (eg, when you go to downloads, "screenshots" disappears), and I'm now going to fix them for once and for all!

Weapons are in the game, it's just a matter of testing them online before I'll put a Deathmatch Beta QW out.
They seam to perform well, although I'm still wondering what happens with packetloss.

PS: Special thanks to Brykovian for helping me with the ellipse collision detection algo. I promised him some screenshots, so here they are. Again: Thanks!

Shields up!
13 June, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
I've been working on shields today. My first rendered attempt resulted in 19mb of bitmaps. My second attempt, which I hope is large enough for all ships resulted in bitmaps, with a total of 5mb. Jpeg compression made the shield image you see below from 50 kb to 1kb... Unfortunatly I cannot use it (jpeg does weird things to color masks/keys) I'll see if I can get PNG to work, so that after downloading you only have to run a "decompression" only once, instead of doing it at startup everytime. I'm trying to keep QW as small as possible (in filesize), so that everybody has a reasonable time to download it. I could also use half of the animation, and then mirror it :o)

You can run...and you can also hide
12 June, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
Cloak is now also available. At the moment every ship can cloak, but this will be changed later. (Although a Sovereign class with cloak would be fun though) I've made a small animation of a cloaking ship. I have to add that this was made while the ship was moving, so the ship is a bit out of proportion. Ofcourse the animation in game looks much smoother, but showing the complete animation as gif file will take ages to load.

Important question
11 June, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
Okay people, now everything is working, like player leaves/enters the game and stuff, I need to get to the most important question of the game: controls
What's the best way to fire a torpedo or fire your phaser? Using the mouse (aka Netrek); having 360 degrees control over your torpedo's, or just like in Subspace where the torpedo's fire to the direction that your ship is currently facing?
I really like to know what you think, and if you have even better suggestions. Please post your suggestion under the Messageboard topic Weapon controls (click here).

Thanks in advance,

Status: Multiplayer code 99% perfect!
10 June, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
And on 10 June @ 12.36 the wonderfull thing happend... smooth ships moving over the network connection...

Yep, you're reading it correctly, together with Wuzzbent I've fixed the code. There was still one weird bug left, and after some thinking and trying I finally got the solution: The ship heading of the other players was wrong. Fixed it, and everything was perfect. The next thing is going to be weapons, I think. I've first got to test the multiplayer code over internet itself, but if it goes as good as it normally went with Star Raiders Online, then it won't be messed up, but look good instead :), before adding the weapons, I'm going to do some practical issues first, for example make the server update the players when someone leaves the game, and add some grouping to the game (so you only receive data if neccassary)

Almost done
9 June, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
Today I've solved all the login bugs, and also the weird timing bug. Weird thing is, that on the server I've got to extract all the data first, to rebuild the packet, and send it again. While on Wuzzbent's game everything goes fine by just adding the server time stamp! Very strange, I've sent a newsgroup message regarding this problem.

The ships do move quite well, but the interpolation is messed up, because of some value I miss, I hope I've fixed this tommorow, and then we have some smooth movement :o). when I got tired of messing with some variables, I added a chat system. It works flawless, although at the moment messages will only be sent to all players in the game, and will also be in the same color. (Later I'm going to change the colors of the text, for teams, general, whatever)

I've also been writing some plans down for a particle system, in other words, I'm trying to get your ships warp drive leak plasma :o), or whatever else purpose.

7 June, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
Well, I believe I've typed more than 800 lines today... the dedicated server should do username/password verification noww (just not yet with a database), and all the multiplayer code should work now. I'm now adding code to let the client receive all the other players that are already on the server. If I wouldn't do that you could be blown up by invisible ships, because you do not see them :oP. I noticed a few small glitches in the multiplayer code though, but that's because the login code was still very messed up (did it very quick, wanted to see the multiplayer code). I believe the unique ID's of every player where somehow messed up that some players received data from other players... Should be fixed now.

6 June, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
I've received the multiplayer code, and implented in QW. I've changed everything to my coding standards, and should run fine.
There's maybe some tweeking to be done (especially with rotating the ships). I'll build the server tommorow, and might have a working version tommorow.

Everything is OK now!
25 May, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
All the other QW code is in (the actual game), explosions, planets all back! I was actually going to put a screenshot here, but I actually noticed that website still isn't finished yet, there are still pages offline, and it seems that not every page has the same sections... I've only got one exam Wednesday, so meantime I can learn for that exam, and add multiplayer code. The working one! I've already started with a masterserver, is almost ready.

Interface ready
24 May, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
The interface is ready now, except for the options menu. I'm at the moment adding code for the "start" button, but I can't seem to get the game launched into fullscreen without crashing the game and the Visual Basic IDE...

Download the interface
21 May, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
If you like you can test the interface of QW. I've put this for download because it contains the basic DirectGraphics initialization code of QW, and if it doesn't work/peform well, QW won't do it either. I've had some problems before with Alpha Blending on some Intel chipsets. I never knew what fixed it, so I suppose the bug is present again. It's only 62 kb download, so if you have spare time, thanks =-)
Don't forget to unzip with dirs though... (62kb)

Please read the readme first, and mail any comments/problems to me, or write them in the msgboard.

17 May, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
Great. Finally thought that the website would stay online for a while, and now is also going to shutdown within this week, probably.
I've got to seek a new domain hosting provider, or maybe I'm going to look for a payed one. I'm getting a bit tired of this, it seems that tall the Gaming Networks are falling apart as we speak.

Sorry for any inconvienence caused.
Almar Joling
Latest news
12 May, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
Oh well, you probably noticed that the website was down two weeks ago, this happened cause my Domain provider accidentally changed the DNS, so it would never point to Anyways, QW looked very nice, I had everything working, explosions where in the game, till suddenly one weird bug popped up. I have tried to search it for hours, but couldn't find it. Anyways, I started to rebuild QW (again) and found the bug very quickly. It was in a DirectX DLL self, and it wasn't a fault in my code. I thought that the main menu would be the best to create first, and then paste all the (bug less code) from QW to this interface, which shouldn't take more than two days. Because all you people had to wait so long, I'm going to give you an exclusive screenshot of the interface. A static images does not represent the "total coolness" of this menu though, cause everything lights up when you move over, and ofcourse later on the AKira ship will change too :o).

The multiplayer code I've been working on with someone else is flawless. Yes, flawless! And that at 5 updates/sec. Well, his game has cloaking and stuff allready, also weapons. If you want to see his game, goto

I've got the "Final exams" or the "GCSE" for you English people the next two weeks, starting at 16 June, and ending at 30 June. It's going to be though. And I want to make it to the next school. So I might work a bit less on QW , but after that I've got vacation and then QW will be updated and downloadable pretty soon!

23 April, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
You would think that the website would have been updated now. Well, actually I though it was already done :o)
But I just actually tried to access the websites, and saw that they weren't online. That's because of one simple
problem: The webserver files are case sensitive! So Filename.htm is not filename.htm =-)
It's too late to update it now, I'll do it tommorow, got to change some HTML code in the pages, I want everything lowercase so that this will not happen again.

Converted PHP Newsscript
15 April, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
If you see this, the news script has been converted from ASP to PHP =-).
Heh, I also found out that I was still using the year 2000 in all my posts for this year...
Fixed now, and hope that the script is a bit stable.
Meanwhile, as you can see, the site is also reaching it's final new state!
Hope you like it, and if there are any problems, please tell me.

Please note, that the website isn't completely finished tough, just this script and the screenshots link have changed


Some very good news!
11 March, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
The last tw months I've teamed up with some one else, who is also working on a multiplayer game using the same type of movement I'm using.
Together we've tried all possible combinations, and he finally got the synchronisation 99% smooth
Still, I think it needs to be synchronised with a server clock, to get the position correct.
(Because the other ships are now always out of sync with your own latency to the server)
At the moment I'm very busy with school, but I'll try to have a new QW Lite version availabel within two (2!) weeks. This will probably be the last test version before I start converting the "real" Quadrant Wars to DirectX8.
You can visit the website from the one that helped me, Here
Also note that now this code is shared with someone else; I (and he) will not release it!
Even if I once decide that I release the source code, that multiplayer part will be removed.

Meanwhile, just have some patience... it will be worth the wait =-)

New code, better results
11 February, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
I've added new code to QWLite. It also interpolates if data is not received on time.
I'm back at Linear Interpolation though. I could easier add that than modify the Cubic Spline code.
And, I'm thinking of putting a new QW Lite8 version online pretty soon, to see if the code can handle
the evil internet. At the moment I'm not compensating for any packet loss... We'll see what happens first :o)
I'm going to try to improve the code a bit, add some error checking, and then you'll see it online (I hope!)
The packet interval is now at 100ms... 28k8 modem users should be able to keep up this rate...

11 February, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
Sometimes, mystical problems popup... Today I'm encountering one of those :o)
I've just added code so that it shows the last 4 positions. Those position "shift" everytime.
So Position 1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 3 etc. The strange thing is that ther are always two position similar to
each other.
I've set the upDate interval to 1000ms (1 sec.) and it still remains. This is virtually impossible!

Hmm, you don't want to know the results from the test yesterday...believe me

10 February, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
I said a few days ago that the upDate interval was 100ms. Well, it was 10ms. Yes, that really ruined my day...
I was always wondering why the ship rotated so fast. Well, I got the answer, but if I'm happy with it...No :o(
Well, I'm going to see how it goes with 75ms, right now

I'll get the results tommorow. It's late now.

Latency simulator...
8 February, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
In the "DirectX7 SDK" (the special version of DirectX for developers),
there was a program called "DirectPlay Simulator". It allows me to add "Artificial lag" and "artificial packet loss"
Seems that this program is gone in DirectX8. I'm going to search for it on the Net. Makes life a lot more easier!

Another test
7 February, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
I've tried QW Lite again today. This time on the our local network, with an average ping of 20ms.
The ships still moved very smooth, but I totally forgot to use some interpolation. Finally I see what I forgot :o)
So the other PC (Client1) sends position data, and on my PC (Client2) the path will be calculated.
Now, the problem is that if there's a ms difference in the receiving of the 100ms/packet, that the ship will go
back in time. Should be easy to fix, not sure if I have the time today.

6 February, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
Hmm, I've tried the multiplayer functions, using the path following. Works pretty well!
I've tried a packet interval of 100ms. But I did forget something, I thought I wouldn't have to send the
Angle of the ship. I would simply calculate it from the graph. Who says that the ship is going that angle?
It's possible to fly backward, but point forward. Told 'ya I forgot something. But there's another thing,
I think...

Path movement
6 February, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
Yesterday I finally got some time to work on QW Lite.
And everything went ok. The ships can now follow a path made of four points.
So, from now on we can use "relative" position upDates instead of "absolute" upDates. (eg: No jumping, I hope!)
I'm going to try it right now, and see how everything works out.
At the moment I got the feeling that I still forget something.
It probably has to do with the client side prediction. I think it's time to get everything on paper :o)

Website temporarily down/Lack of upDates

2 February, 2001 - By Almar [Programmer]
The visitors that come here often probably noticed that the website was away for a few days...
This happend, because the HD was crashed at the provider. I want to thank for their great
support. Meanwhile I'm working on some minor website improvements, to speed up the website.

You've also noticed the lack of upDates... This is because I'm Major busy with school projects.
This is my final exam year... I have three projects currently to finish (2 of them within two weeks)
And have to read many books. Add the insanity math level, and free time becomes a luxury.
After those two projects are finished, I'll get back on Quadrant Wars. I want to have the multiplayer version ready
So that I can atleast tweak a bit.

Oh, and Happy new year :o)

I'm going to upDate and upload the website in parts. Not all functionaliy may have been restored.
You can view the status of all parts right here below:
Main: Done
News : Done
QW Universe: Done
Game: Done
Downloads: Offline
Screenshots: Done
MsgBoard: Done
Mailinglist: Done
Related Sites: Done
E-Mail: Done

A cubic spline here, a cubic spline there
29 December, 2000 - By Almar [Programmer]
See the screenshot below (I've removed it! :o)? This is a cubic spline!
For this model I've used a packet interval of 1 for every 2.5 second...
This doesn't match completely, but hey, a normal game has an upDate every 100-50Ms.

First game with two ships
22 December, 2000 - By Almar [Programmer]
Today I added the system to add new multiplayer ships. Works great!
Further: I've got vacation, so expect more frequent upDates.
And merry Christmas everyone!

9 December, 2000 - By Almar [Programmer]
Added DirectPlay support for the game. The game will now be 100% Client/Server.
This means clients cannot 'talk' or 'see' each other. Everything will be passed through the server.
The server and client do work perfectly! Game data has already been sent between one server and client.
The code has been optimised. Now running at 174FPS.
Now it's going to be the hardest part of all, Cubic Splines.

I've added a small screenshot of the first data sent from the client to the server...

Woohoo II :o)
8 December, 2000 - By Almar [Programmer]
1 hour later than previous post...
Added a neat looking planet to QW Lite. The frame rate is now stable at 167.
This is only when the planet is drawn on the screen, so the FPS won't drop 29fps/planet :o)
Anyway, check the screenshot I've placed under the screenshots section!

There's still someting weird with the planet though. I've scaled it down with factor 1.5.
If the planet has it's real size it will look a bit 'curved'.

I forgot to say that if anyone is missing me around lately on the msgboards...
It's because the Cable connection went down, and I now have to do everything on school...

Woohoo! :o)
8 December, 2000 - By Almar [Programmer]
I've managed to rotate the awesome graphics I mentioned earlier this week (see pic below)
Rotation is done on the fly. And for the ships...
One "0 degrees" picture is now enough to add a ship to the game. The game will rotate the ship.
The cool thing is, that we 1) reduce the filesize of the game significantly because we don't have to include ship animations in bitmaps; 2) The ships can now rotate at every degree... 1degree for slow turning ships...5 for fast, etc. (10 degrees was normal)

The game is now running at 196 Frames per second (FPS) instead of 200FPS... The loss should be acceptable. The human eye doesn't notice speeds faster than 25-30fps :o)

Awesome graphics!!
4 December, 2000 - By Almar [Programmer]
Yesterday I finally had some time to do some programming. I've been working on the DirectX8 conversion of QW Lite.
We're now going to use 100% Direct3D (Now: DirectGraphics) for the game, since DirectDraw is no longer available in DirectX8.
I've also been working on a new method to create wonderfull graphics! Producing the screenshots below...

Creating these graphics will take only a few seconds...
They're not animated yet, but that's what I'm going to try today...

Mail problems...
26 November, 2000 - By Almar [Programmer]
Just wanted to say the the 'ajoling (at)' account has been down for almost 2 weeks...
If you sent anything important, please send it to ajoling (at)

Almar Joling

DirectX8 SDK
19 November, 2000 - By Almar [Programmer]
I've downloaded the DirectX8 Software Development Kit (SDK).
DirectX8 has many changes, but I particular like the DirectPlay (Multiplayer part) sample that says "x/1000" players!
I do have some problems running samples of DirectPlay (Server works fine, client cannot find server) but I haven't really spent time on it.
I also made a mistake in "QWLite". Qw Lite is using "Linear interpolation" for your position, so the ship movement will always be a straight line.
Cubic splines will solve this, but I have to get more information on that.

DirectX8 officially released!
12 November, 2000 - By Almar [Programmer]
Finally, after a long waiting period, DirectX8 is released.
This is very good and a bit bad news. First the good news: DirectPlay has been completely rewritten, and should give a much better multiplayer performance.
There's also a new feature called "DirectPlayVoice". This nifty feature allows me (as programmer) to add multiplayer voice support to Quadrant Wars!
And the bad news: DirectDraw(2D) has now been fully intergrated in Direct3D(3D).
The initialization code should be changed, and probably also the code that 'puts' the graphics on your screen.
I've always been thinking about using Direct5D. In the programming world this means adding Direct3D features (eg: colored lightning) to a 2D game (3D + 2D = 5D)
Maybe I'm going to have a look at this too... More information will follow.

(PS: You can download DirectX8 here.)!
1 November, 2000 - By Almar [Programmer]
Welcome back to Quadrant Wars!
You're reading this from a different site than you're used to have, because of our Ewebcity bandwidth limit (Which we exceeded almost 5 times :o)
I'd like to inform you what we're now hosted under That's why you'll see a banner on top of every page.
We've also got our own domain name,!
I've thought earlier about registering a domain, but actually never did (Ewebcity was good enough for me).
But I finally made the conclusion to register one, so upDate your bookmarks!
The address of the Quadrant Wars Msg Board is still the same.

The website will also be more reliable. Ingava offers us unlimited bandwidth.
I did change the DirectX7 download to an outside link. It both saves much HD space and bandwidth.

Yesterday I've received three new ships made by They look beautiful again, as always!
The progress on Quadrant Wars (the game itself) has been going a bit slow lately. I've been working on several tools for Quadrant Wars.
For example the Dedicated Server is currently under a complete rebuild. I've already implented the webserver.
You can help me very much with Quadrant Wars, just by downloading and trying QWLite multiplayer!
The code will probably be used for the 'real' Quadrant Wars, but I need to hear how the game went on different computers.
Thinks like different lag, connection types, etc. are very important for me.

Further changes to the website: Moved the "links" at the right of the website under a Links section
Added a page for contacting us. You can now send mail to us, to the person relevant to your question.
General imprvement of the websites HTML code. Makes it easier to modify.
And, finally, I've modified the newsscript to only show the latest 4 news events. Keeps the website load time down :o)

Have fun at the new and improved Quadrant Wars site.
Almar Joling

Warning: Account cancellation!
October 29, 2000 - By Almar [Programmer]
I'm just back from vacation. I checked my mail and found a message from Brinkster(Ewebcity).
In short it says:

"According to our records your website at, received 4,563 pageviews in the last month.
Your website also resulted in 960,643,696 bytes of bandwidth in the last month. The limit for General Members is 200,000,000
bytes of bandwidth per month"


"We will wait for one (1) week to hear back from you. If you have not upgraded your site within that time, your account will be

Well luckily we received an offer from Ingava so that where the website will probably be located next week.

Please note: It's probably impossible to make a 'redirect page', if the account it canceled. Cruise.In will probably post the new address on multiple websites.
I'm going to put it myself in the mailinglist, and we'll see who puts it on the messageboard :o)

Sorry for any problems caused,
Almar Joling
ajoling (at)

Mailing List
October 23, 2000 - By Cruis.In [Public Relations]
Hola folks, Cruis.In here. Just thought I'd put in a friendly reminder to anyone visiting the page who doesn't use the forums.
You can register on our mailing list, no discussions occur over the mailing list, so no annoying loads of email.
The only time an email is sent out to the list is when there is a new version available. So click the link at the top and sign up!

October 17, 2000 - By Almar [Programmer]
I'm going on vacation for a week, so no upDates on the website. Unless...
...Justin will upload something. I gave him the username and password. He promised not to mess up the whole newsscript :o)

Maybe you all have noticed that the website is not always available. This is because of the high number of visitors.
We've received a very interesting offer from InGava which we're probably going to accept (it's almost for sure).
I like to know how the QW Lite played on other computers, so please E-Mail me!

PS: Next time I will remove some old news to make the loading of this website faster :o)
PPS: Yeah the news isn't really at time. I couldn't upload stuff on ewebcity for a week :o(

One year Quadrant Wars
October 9, 2000 - By Almar [Programmer]
Quadrant Wars 2D has been in development for one year now. Nottin' special, but I just wanted to let you all know.

Download QW Lite
October 9, 2000 - By Almar [Programmer]
QW Lite is available in the download section of our website.
Please try this multiplayer game and tell me how the game went. Don't forget to read the readme file first.

QW Lite
October 3, 2000 - By Almar [Programmer]
Next weekend (7/8 October) I'm going put the QW Lite server and client online.
I hope that the regular visitors can test the multiplayer functions of these two programs.
Currently my experience is very good with these two programs, the multiplayer code seems to be working very good.
There still one big bug in the game, which I haven't been able to solve for a while.
I'm trying to locate this bug, and fix it (That's why I'm waiting to put it online :o)

Torpedo's: Tested
October 1, 2000 - By Almar [Programmer]
Yesterday, I've tested the multiplayer code with
The code worked pretty well, and the server side collision detection also worked perfect.
There was just one small bug in the server.
Normally, when a torpedo had a collision the torpedo would be disabled for the server (and then also for the client).
I was 100% sure I had this code in the server. Now the strange thing was that if I a ships gets hit by a torpedo of the 'enemy'
The ship would 'jump' a number of times (10 or so).
Later I found out that that the collision detection of the server didn't check the torpedo's if they were enabled.
So if a torpedo had hid a ship, the 'server loop' would see that collision till the torpedo has moved over the ship.
The funny thing was that one the client side the torpedo did remove so this was a very weird problem.
But it's all fixed now, so we now have a perfect running multiplayer game.

Multiplayer weapons: Available!
September 30, 2000 - By Almar [Programmer]
I've just managed to get the multiplayer weapons working!
Currently it has only been tested on my pc, and two clients of QW Lite, but it should work on the internet as well.
The server is going to decide if a collision occurs. Maybe I should add a client version too (To see explosions when you see your weapons hit a ship. Because latency isn't calculated in the torpedo trajectory's)
Anyway, I'm going to make it better now, then I can add it to Quadrant Wars 'big'...

I've also made some small modifications to the msgboard...

Please note that this is my final exam year, and I'm running out of time! I have so much to do :o( That's why it took a while to implent the weapon system.

Planets received and QW Lite tested by the team
September 9, 2000 - By Almar [Programmer]
Today I've received a 5mb zip containing 15 planets, and they're wonderfull!
I want to thank Nasa Jet Propulsion Labs,Dan North and Andrew J. Hodges for those awesome planets.
I'm not putting screenshots online because the gif/jpg compression would mess up the images.

QW Lite, a small version of QW containing only one ship and further nothing but multiplayer/movement code was tested today
by the QW Team. I was the server and was also a client. My connection: 33k6. Brough has cable, and James has also 33k6.
While receiving the zip file containing the planets, I tried the game with Brough. It went very nice on his pc, and also on my pc.
The ships jumped a bit, but that just needs some more tweaking and optimising. After the download was complete James connected to my "server",
the game went also very nice, but the 'upDate' delay wasjust a bit too fast. There's a 250ms interval, this means 4 times a second * 36 bytes.
This doesn't look much, but there's also the "Dead Reckoning". In short this means that the client also receives his own position so that it can
calculate what other people 'see'. If it there's too much difference between the real position of the client (the ship YOU control) it will send another upDate. This difference is currently 10pixels. So if the game goes a bit out of sync, there will be more sent over the line... * 36 bytes (and the udp protocol itself: I thought 36 bytes/packet + the DirectPlay overhead. In other words: Rebuild using Winsock, Windows native connection stuff?).
Everything was routed through my 33k6 modem (Minimal 100ms latency because of compression!) and the game will eventually kill itself.
The game sends so much data that the modem can't process it (flooding).
When I disconnected from the server, the server was still receiving data from 'my client'. But my game was disconnected... but the line was flooded so there was a long 'queue' for the modem.
Sorry if it's all a bit too technical but I just wanted to tell you what for things happen when you're creating multiplayer games.

QW Lite
September 6, 2000 - By Almar [Programmer]
I've won a Planet Source Code award for the ASP code I submitted!

Lately I've spend some time creating 'QW Lite'. This is a very small, non fullscreen version containing only one ship.
But this program has better multiplayer support than the real QW.
I'm probably going to test it soon on a large scale.
Currently DirectPlay (DirectX) is used. I'll see what changes are made in DirectX8. If there's not support for more players (64+)
the Winsock API will be used. I'm new to this, but it's almost the same to the Winsock control (that I've often used) but it needs some more
programming, so more flexibility :o)
Stay tuned... I might post a Date when I'd like to test QW Lite, and when it's available)

Menu is almost finished
August 27, 2000 - By Almar [Programmer]
I've almost finished the rebuild of the menu's. The dialogs are the only thing that aren't ready yet.
And, finally I've found a way for a perfect typing system...
Creating a 'keyboard hook' is almost the only option. The typing speed is now the same as the normal typing speed
Just when you're typing in notepad or something else...
...The only price is that for same strange reason VB will crash everytime I exit Quadrant Wars :o(
And there are also some new graphics from SciFi-Art.Com
Including a great Warbird.
Brough told me that there are 13 planets coming soon... I can't wait :o)

Latest progress
August 23, 2000 - By Almar [Programmer]
Currently I'm rebuilding the entire Quadrant Wars project, this means rewrite almost everything.
I had to do this because the code was really getting messy. The menu is as first. In the 'not rebuild'
version the menu was added as last, so QW wasn't really ready for it.
Alpha Blending! I've added a better type of Alpha Blending. This one is just using the DirectX Alpha Blending
method. Very fast!
Yesterday the first pictures (ships, asteroids) from SciFi-Art.Com appeared in my mail folder...
...They are awesome! These graphics make the old graphics look terrible.

What's taking so long?
August 20, 2000 - By Almar [Programmer]
I know that there haven't been upDates lately, but you should know that there have been upDates...
...but I've never uploaded them because I redesigned the website two times. This site is the final result,
I hope you all like it. Personally I think it's very nice. From now on it's also very simple to upDate the site because of a newscript I've created.
The only thing I need to do is to upload a text file containing the news. This website also supports a life data feed from the dedicated servers!
(See QW Universe)

Quadrant Wars is a bit delayed because of the vacation period. Some team members (including me) have been on vacation.
But in the first week of the vacation I've managed to create a complete new, fullscreen, interface for Quadrant Wars.
Currently I've used graphics from Unreal Tournament. So the graphics are probably copyright by Epic.
I hope that it doesn't result in any trouble. The graphics will eventually be replaced by LCARS style or whatever else that comes in our mind.

We have also teamed up with SciFi-Art.Com They are going to provide and replace the graphics.
So soon we will have graphics that are even better than the current ones :o)

I've been busy with developing a new file format for QW so that we can have the bitmap quality in a much smaller file.
When you look in the Quadrant Wars directory you see jpegs and gifs. The first format can handle all the colors, but the compression creates
the 'black pixel issue' I hope you've noticed it while playing Quadrant Wars: If you moved your ship above a planet you could see black pixels.
Especially the Klingon Cruiser.
The gif format can only handle 256 colors... aah!
Currently I've reduced 150kb bitmaps to 15kb without quality loss. But I want it smaller.
Before I started with creating new file formats (It's quite fun to do it, really. I've even created a small zip program :o), there was another
program: BitMapRotator. This program needed one ship picture at 0 degrees, and it would rotate the ship 350 degrees (with steps of 10 degrees), and save it. The only problem
was that the rotated bitmaps didn't look very nice...

Multiplayer. I'm not going to release the new version before it has 'acceptable' multiplayer functions.
The next version should support weapons(!), the destroying of other ships and smooth cruisin'
So, I don't know when the next version is going to be released, but it probably will be September.
It also depends on our free time. Because I'm now in the final examclass on school (Yes, I'm that young :o)
And this year school has a higher priority than Quadrant Wars...

Singleplayer. I don't know if the previous version of Quadrant Wars had the 'more advanced' AI, but the
AI in the new version can now decide to move in a wormhole if it know's that the destination of the wormhole is fixed
and closer to you than flying to you. I probably don't have the time to upDate the AI for the next version. If I have some time left, I'll try to make
the AI 'predict' your position so they can (finally) hit you.

Cloaking! In this vacation I've also been working on alpha blending. With alpha blending you can make graphics a bit transparent.
So that a picture under that graphic shines a bit through. Well what can we easily create with this? Cloaking!

Server development I'm very happy that some people tried to setup a server!
But unfortunately the dedicated servers are not visible in the masterlist. This problem is caused by a new version of the masterserver.
When I was running a security test on the masterserver I detected a large security issue. This is now all fixed but the masterserver will
now kick every 'old' dedicated server from the masterlist after one minute because the old servers do not send 'I'm still here' signals.
You might ask yourself why I haven't uploaded the new compatible version yet. Well, the old version of Quadrant Wars isn't compatible with the
new dedicated server! Got it? ;o)

News of Sunday, 2/04/00
April 2, 2000 - By Almar [Programmer]
-Added an 'Artificial Intelligence' to STQW. I'm currently naming it 'Artificial Stupidity', but it's quite fun to fight against it.
-Uploaded an update for STQW. This update is version 0.71

-Changed the discussion board to a 'real one'. The new discussion board was under heavy discussion, and one of the team convinced me to remove the old one.

-Added a new screenshot of a battle
News of Saturday, 26/03/00
March 26, 2000 - By Almar [Programmer]
Download the latest version (0.70) of Star Trek: Quadrant Wars!
This version supports basic multiplayer gaming!
News of Wednesday, 22/03/00
March 22, 2000 - By Almar [Programmer]
My birthday!
I've added a new version of STQW, this version has multiplayer functions!
I've tested the functions on a IPX network (with two pc's), so I don't know how Internet play works...
I'd like to have a 'multiplayer session' this weekend (probably sunday) so visit the site regular! The time will be posted on the main page (I'm going to send it to all mailinglist subscribers). For more info...Read the manual in the zip file
News of Thursday, 24/02/00
February 2, 2000 - By Almar [Programmer]
Added a Discussion forum at the site. I cannot monitor discussions for the first few days. I'm soon going to work on a messageboard that requires a password. The messageboard is moderated by other team members of STQW. Be gentle ;o)
I've received some mail concerning problems about STQW2D. I've entirely rewritten STQW and separated DirectPlay (the multiplayer part) apart from the singleplayer part...
Please note that I'm working very hard on the multiplayer part, but it's really stressing...
Every time when I make one mistake the game will crash, and eventually I need to reset the entire PC...
Since it takes almost 5 mins to reset this old P-100, it's very nerve breaking (especially when you have to reset because you forgot one quote!)
You can download a 'fixed' version of STQW, I think it works better now. (It also includes new planets/ships/and a wormhole!)
News of Sunday, 06/02/00
February 6, 2000 - By Almar [Programmer]
News of Saturday, 15/01/00
The last two weeks have been very busy with programming.
STQW was two weeks ago only 80kb... But now, after adding aprox. 200 lines 110kb...

Optimised scrolling, normally pictures would disappear when they went one pixel out of the screen. (now they don't ;o)
Better multiplayer support. I'm now working on the "are you an enemy?" radar dot.
New ships appear when somebody enters the game.
I'm going to change the fullscreen start up screen to a centered 'windowed' screen.
Also working on the planetary databases for multiplayer support.
Created a file format for STQW levels.
Added multiplayer torpedoes! (hehe)
Added chat system for multiplayer games...The keyboard is only responding on an irregular interval, very annoying.
Some minor improvements...
I'm planning to upload a version of STQW at the end of the month, so you can test it's multiplayer functions. But it could be a bit later.

News of Wednesday, 5/01/00

January 5, 2000 - By Almar [Programmer]

I made a very stupid mistake in my "multiplayer movement theory's" but it's in favour for the release time!
I first wanted to have all messages go to the server, and then resume their way. This works, if you're using the Winsock control.
Because I'm using the DirectPlay protocol one message will be send to everyone, but with the Winsock control you've got to send every player a message. To make it easier to understand:
If you send an e-mail to 20 persons (Directplay) all in one e-mail, you'll be much earlier finished than sending everyone individual an e-mail (composing, sending X 20, like the Winsock control.).

With other words... The first "in game" multiplayer session has been held! And believe me, it looks great!
I'm trying to get STQW online for download, but I've got much to do. (Although I've completed many important things in the last two days).
Stay tuned...And don't forget to join the mailinglist ;o)
News of Sunday, 25/12/99
December 25, 1999 - By Almar [Programmer]
I've now changed the site, so that it's really the way I want!
Simple, but effective and fast. It looks good too!
Since I'm using the news page as a sort 'programming diary' I'm still adding all these messages to the old messages. But that old news is getting a very long list (Including everything since the start of this project!)...
Note that e-mail links/pictures may have changed/deleted. Since I'm only adding news to the page and not searching for things that have changed lately
News of Saturday, 24/12/99
December24, 1999 - By Almar [Programmer]
The multiplayer programming is going well. Although there are a few problems that I have to control, before the multiplayer part really works. I've also found out how to use RGB light with VB. But I'm sorry, I can't put this in STQW 2D. It's 1)Too much work and 2) I don't have enough knowledge of Immediate Mode to make it work and finally 3) You'll need a 3D card & a 'heavy' PC.
When I have my new PC, I'm going to learn myself how to use 'Immediate mode' since that's the future of games (every 3D game uses it)
I'm also thinking of creating a DirectX programming page online. I'm not sure of it, because I also want to program a bit more. (I really have time to short)

Before I forget to say, I've also found a better way for collision detection. it's called 'pixel collision' all the ships are in a black rectangle. if you combine those two colors you'll still have a color value of '0'. Now when a ship hits another, one side will be grey (ship colors). There is a collision!

I've made a small program to change the mask color of bitmaps (change color x to color y). It's without any documentation, since it's self explaining...(it comes with full source code)
Download it (9KB)
News of Monday, 6/12/99
December 6, 1999 - By Almar [Programmer]
Updated the site design, since this site now exists one year!!
I've added some DHTML scripts from DynamicDrive.
Such as the navbar at the left, the "lights" over the images (only code!)
And the Akira, following your cursor.
News of Wednesday, 24/11/99
Sorry for the lack of updates...
I've added a radar system to STQW, wich is very accurate (it took 3 hours of tweaking with values :o)
The server test at 14 November was almost bug free, and I have decided that I'm going to release one more test client before putting the code in STQW...
That leaves me to the following point:
I'm now busy with adding the multiplayer ship movement. Currently I'm working on nice "moving" theory's, and it will probably take a while. So, don't worry when this site isn't updated in the next weeks!

News of Monday, 01/11/99

November 20, 1999 - By Almar [Programmer]

I've got the server program working. I'm going to schedule a test session soon, so that I can test it with more players, and over the internet.
-Added the photon torpedoes in the game. if the server-test is completed succesfully, multiplayer code will be added, so that you can start getting used to this game. (Note that the client has a "STQW-2D Lite", an very easy version of STQW (4 directions only, instead of 36) so that you can people see actually move!)

Please visit this site regular to check for the server test date! I'd like to as much people as possible at the same time.

The server and client
STQW 2D, in it's current status (The blue box is the range of the phasers, to make the programming easier.)
News of Wednesday, 20/10/99
October 20, 1999 - By Almar [Programmer]
Got the server program running (again).
It's much easier with DirectX 7... But I still cannot let other program detect it.
Maybe you're thinking "Why so early?"
Well if I have the server program ready, I can easily add new functions to it. So if I add the photon torpedo's in the vacation next week, I can add them immediatly to the server!
(And hoping that I can get a playable internet version soon ;o)

Oh, and the mouse is working again! In the entire level, so level editing can start too...
News of Saturday,16/10/99
October 16, 1999 - By Almar [Programmer]
Well, I've got DirectX 7.0 for a week now. (One session of 7 hours to download the remaining 90Mb)
And started with programming. The engine is working perfectly. But in the first versions the ship was not centered in the screen... After fixing that the entire mouse-cursor routines were ruined :o(
I had the mouse nice working like in C&C: Red when enemy is in range, yellow if not in range, green when there is nothing...
Anyway, I've downloaded 30Mb of Star Trek sounds, with all the sounds I need (I think). So now the phaser has a great charging sound, and after that a firing sound (Like all Starfleet ships do)
*I've got the 3D sound also available. That means if you fire a phaser to a ship at the left, you'll hear the phaser sound left, and vice versa for a ship at the right.

PS: From now on I'm going to update the site as regular as I did with the old STQW 3D
News of Sunday, 26/09/99
September 26, 1999 - By Almar [Programmer]
Three weeks no update...
But I've update the entire site again, and lots to tell, since many things have happened in those three weeks!
The Internet server was succesfully tested two weeks ago! Adding usernames to a database, or updating scores, checking planets and password, it all worked!
This means that one of the biggest problems is gone now.

A day after the test I received a mail from one of the graphic artists about STQW 2D, being convinced by seeing a few manual made "screenshots" I already was completely convinced about STQW 2D. It really looks much better than STQW 3D. You can have a peek to on it.
It will take a while for the picture is loaded. Note that none of this yet exists, since I'm not programming till I have finished downloading the Direct7.0 SDK (128 MB! with 33K6...)


News of Wednesday, 01/09/99

September 1, 1999 - By Almar [Programmer]

I startted yesterday (After updating the website) with programming of the server.
I've been very busy with it. The server now supports:
Username/password handling
Score updates
New user logons
Some statistics (Currentplayers, total players in database, etc)
I'm currently adding full support for death/kill ratio's, ship types, and much more
The server is based on the Access database format.
News of Tuesday, 31/08/99
August 31, 1999 - By Almar [Programmer]
An update to the site!
Sorry for the delay, but I'm not that long back at home.(And I felt more for playing Quake II multi-player then updating the site :) )
Anyway, as the old news below says: I went to the sun eclipse.
Whooooooooa! What an experience! I've seen 6 seconds of it! (Clouds,grrr)
And 1, yes "one" minute after the entire eclips, the sun was visible for 30 minutes without a cloud! ...I went completely dark in Luxembourg though. (That was a cool experience)

Back to STQW:
I'm finishing the main interface (animations), but the functions don't work yet.

And now the important news:
Multi-Player functions are coming soon!
I'm not sure wich version will support it, but I've got a simple program (2D) that is moving at the moment (2 bitmaps, 1 local,1 remote) keeping itself in sync, while moving!

Okay, one of the first versions of STQW also had something alike (I believe version 0.41, or 0.42)
But those versions didn't knew that a player joined/left a game so the number of ships at the start were the max number of ships. Confused? I'm not finished yet...
This version does, so when you enter a game, a new ship will be created (Which should be you) on every computer that joined the game

PS: For everybody involved in the STQW project: School starts soon... I'll finish the development manual later, I've got 10 pages now)
News of Saturday, 07/08/99
August 7, 1999 - By Almar [Programmer]
The Flash version of the site is uploaded.
I think this is much better then all the other lay-outs I've had. I've made a HTML version of this lay-out so that people that are not able to use Flash still can visit the site...
I'll be going away (again) for a while, for the sun eclipse.
Meanwhile I'll write down a "development manual" for STQW, for everybody that's involved in the project (Probably you won't see it...)
containing everything that has to be accomplished.

News of Wednesday, 28/7/99

July 28, 1999 - By Almar [Programmer]

I've got the background stars rotating! But still there is a small math error in it. I've found the problem, but I couldn't fix it(yet). The stars rotate with 1 degree, while the ship rotates with 5,625 degrees.
If I change the stars to go with the same speed, they really move fast...
Anyway, I've removed the Up&Down directions again. Since I can rotate the camera without the up& down part...
The camera rotates now too, but the movement of the Enterprise isn't "realistic" anymore. I' now going to change that.
And...When the ship moves you'll see pixels coming towards in Star Trek!
I'm going on vacation first, so I can't do program anything. And I'm happy with that...If I close my eyes, I see "DirectDrawCreate byval 0&, DirectDraw", etc.

News of Monday, 19/7/99

July 19, 1999 - By Almar [Programmer]

In the last few days I've added some nice things to the STQW engine.
The first and the best thing is RGB support. I think that most people know what I mean, if I say "Quake II with 3D card" but these effects are in STQW without 3D card (since I haven't got one myself ;o)

second, the dashboard has it's first working part! A "speed-o-meter"
Have a look at the picture Futher:
Planets rotate slowly, like in Star Trek
Explosions, still a bit buggy
Photon torpedoes are from now on emitting (RGB-) light
The overlay (aka dashboard) has its first active part!
News of Saturday, 10/7/99
As you see the site is changed. I copied the outlook from the mirror site of Star Trek: Quadrant Wars.
That site is under construction by the graphics artist. Have a look at it. He's a very nice person, and a very good artist
I've put a new version (0.48) online. I think you'll like this one!
No setup, and now big download since I'm using a new graphics format!
Since I've vacation now, I'll start with the multiplayer part soon...When I've got the phasers finished.
In this version I planned stars that move, well it works. But If I turned it on Vb crashes everytime, while I could'nt find any problems! So I've turned it off, and I'm looking for the problem...

I've also put something new in the game. When you start the game the camera will first rotate around a few times around your ship 'a la "Terminal Velocity" Looks great! Have a look in the 'readme.txt' file for more info
News of Monday, 4/7/99
July 4, 1999 - By Almar [Programmer]
What a weekend! I've reinstalled Windows 2 times, including all the other programs...(Office, Visual Basic, DirectX 6, IE5, etc, etc.)
In the last 3 days I've been +-36 hours behind a PC. (I'm not sure if it's a record for me, but anyway it's long)
Anyway, I've managed to get a new graphics format in the game, it reduces the filesize (unzipped) with 1.3Mb!
News of Sunday, 3/7/99
July 3, 1999 - By Almar [Programmer]
A new version of Star Trek: Quadrant Wars available! I've send it to the person who has the other files also stationed on his server, so maybe it make a take a while before they're downloadable.
This version includes:

Complete 3D movement
Sound support (Most of the current sounds are for testing, you'll see what I mean)
Music support (A small piece of music from Command & Conquer's "Canyon Chase")
Phasers! I haven't been able to get mouse aiming working, they are now just uncontrolled straight lines
Phasers are emmisive. The planet will get lighter,and lighter...
A new startup screen!
Completely formless!
Temporary removed:

Stars at background
Camera rotation...
Some other things I can't remember...
The keys:
From now on 1-10 for speed control (10 is complete stop).
Arrows, 3D movement
Space, fire an torpedo C (temp), fire phasers
I hope you enjoy this version...
News of Saturday, 19/6/99
Juny 19, 1999 - By Almar [Programmer]
I've managed to get DirectInput in the game.
This means that the game is now really completely formless now...
It's also, well I guess 10% faster or so.
I'd better get busy with the overlays now (The status bar)
(The next version(0.47) is scheduled for Saturday, 26th)
News of Monday, 14/6/99
Juny 14, 1999 - By Almar [Programmer]
Sorry for the wait...

I've been a bit busy with creating a small game for a contest.
But since it's finished now, I'll go "full throttle" working on STQW now.
If you've seen the new startup screen, I think it was well worth the wait! (I know that 90% of the people who start the game will say "ooooh" or "aaaah" :o) )
But, I'd also like you to inform you of a new project. I don't know if I can get the game working, but I'm trying to create a C&C style game.
The name: Omega 1.

The next version of Star Trek: Quadrant Wars will be available WITHIN two weeks, so check the site regularly...
While waiting you can download the small game Trekian v1.0 What I've created for a contest. (The rules restricted any use of controls,dlls -> DirectX, so it's a bit simple)
BUT when the last day for submisions of the contest is over, I'll put the source code also online, what you can use for your own Tyrian/Raptor alike game!

PS: Still a happy birthday Brough!! (And thanks for the awesome Jolware Interactive logo)
News of Saturday, 29/5/99
May 29, 1999 - By Almar [Programmer]
STQW is changed completely in code, but you can't see it... Things changed:
The game is now using DirectDraw surfaces, the game is actually completely formless now. At the startup you will see a form, but hey? Quake II does that too... The game changes your screen resolution to 640X480...And it will return the resolution back to normal when the game quits(-and not crashes).

Sound support: Firing a torpedo makes a sound, and when it crashes into a planet it will create another sound (BOOM!). Also music support, but I don't have a good .wav for the music.

The stars are working fine now. They move, when you move. But they move a bit weird because they're based on ship movements. When the camera is always looking at the back of the ship, I'll change the formula and it would be working correctly...

Speed decrease...
PS: I would be very happy, when I surf on the net and find one of the very nice looking banners -goto Help me
News of Monday, 10/5/99
May 10, 1999 - By Almar [Programmer]
You can download STQW again!
News of Sunday, 9/5/99
May 9, 1999 - By Almar [Programmer]
As you see the site is changed...
anyway, somebody e-mailed me yesterday that STQW can not be downloaded 'cause it's to big for Freeservers. Well, I'm sorry about that. Freeservers didn't tell me about it, even when you create an account they won't tell it. So that means you couldn't download STQW for exactly one month! The person who told me it offered me to put it on a FTP server... I'll say yes to him (After I finished this news section :). So I assume you can download STQW very soon (maybe already today!)

I'm rebuilding the entire project. That means writing/copying the code again.
But, I've now but the most "CPU-Expensive" routines in a DLL. There is a speed increase of minimal 25%!
I'm starting today with a new 3D Engine that will use some different DirectX modes(Imediate mode inplace of Retained mode) and I'm also putting the DirectDraw environment in it. (FYI, that will give more graphical possibilities. (Glowing shields for example)
I've never used DirectDraw so I got to learn it a bit. That means that the next version of STQW may take a while, but will be using much more effects.
The AI should also be working SMART in the next version, so that you've got a reason to play STQW.
News of Monday, 26/04/99
April 26, 1999 - By Almar [Programmer]

The LinkExchange banner is removed. I didn't like it...
A few weeks ago one of the artists came with two very nice banners for STQW.
I'd like to ask you if you can put it on your site (if you have one)
You can choose from:


You can use a link, or save the file and put it on your server...
The link for banner #1 (smaller in filesize)
The link for banner #2 (larger in filesize)

*Updated the I need your help section

News of Saturday, 24/04/99

April 24, 1999 - By Almar [Programmer]
I've got the "system" engine working. From now on if you move between x and y it will show an system-name.
Maybe I'll add soon another sort of survey were you can enter some names for systems...
And, I'm busy with the server program, which I unfortunatly can't test anymore.I had to reinstall the 2nd PC, were STQW strangely doesn't work anymore on :(
PS: My old e-mail address is now really DOWN
News of Saturday, 10/04/99
April 10, 1999 - By Almar [Programmer]
I've uploaded a new version of STQW!
I've had some work of this version so I hope you like it :)
The camera rotates with 180 degrees (I hope soon with 1 degree) when it's needed...
For more info you should read the readme file that comes with the .zip file. I've changed it so it really contains something interesting.
And just one thing: this site is now seperated into directories. I might have forgotton to change a link. please notify me then. I have not changed the news section, so my old e-mail address(ajoling (at) is still visible on the news section.
I've added some pictures of the ships that are completed or under development at the Shipyard I recommend that you have a look at it!

PS: From now on I've got versions for DirectX 5.x and DirectX 6.x.
PS2: Sorry for the misspelled "shield" in the game, didn't had time to change it. (And I saw it when I had the zipfiles ready.)

News of Sunday, 04/04/99

April 4, 1999 - By Almar [Programmer]

I'm now busy with converting ships, but I've encountered a new problem: Filesize! The Romulan Warbird and the Enterprise were small in filesize, but the new meshes (DS9,Intrepid class,Akira class,etc.) are 1Mb+ and that makes the game slooooow. (everything is loaded in memory)
I'm trying to find another way...
Somebody sayed that I should change the "shipyard page" to only ship-class names well I've done that and I've put an "example" ship between ()

IMPORTANT NOTE: my e-mail address is CHANGED because Netaddress started asking money for their services. it is changed to:

ajoling (at)
Well, that's all for today!
PS: thanks for getting me a new visitor record! (23)

News of Sunday, 21/03/99
March 21, 1999 - By Almar [Programmer]
Well,well sorry for waiting so long for adding some news.
I haven't uploaded a new version because I'm busy with some nice things and some other people are busy with the interface. But I can tell you what is changed/improved since the last version.

Sunlight sourcing - The close you go to a sun the lighter it will get!
Camera rotation, the camera rotates almost correctly. From now on no suprises anymore from the front.
I've got a radar screen working
The AI is back in the game
A nice interface (view the pic. by 'pictures')
And maybe, I'm going to make the game entire 3D (like now + up and down) I don't know for sure. Please give me your opinion
Sunday, 28/2/99
I've changed my entire site!
There are some pages that I've changed completely, I recommend that you visit these pages: 'The game', 'Survey'(I've calculated the averages)and 'Ideas'.
I hope that you lime the new outlook. (It took much time, especially to render the index image)
News of Saturday, 27/2/99
February 27, 1999 - By Almar [Programmer]
Well, I'm back in The Netherlands again.
And I've changed much of the code, I'll try today the multiplayer part again. It now should accept 200 players!
Oh, yesterday I went to the cinema for Star Trek: Insurrection. I've got some new ideas, but you'll see them in the final version...
I've found my e-mail backups btw, before I removed them I had placed them in the folder 'concepts'. But since I never use that folder, I never saw it. Until I clicked on it by accident...

I'm away until Wednesday, I can't continue while I'm away...
But, I'll continue with typing cheats for The X Cheats, one of my first projects that never completed. Currently, I have typed cheats for 750 Games/Apps. (not 750 cheats for games/apps., but cheats for 750 games/apps.) When I'm back I hope that I'm at 1000. That's my target.
Saturday, 13/2/99:
Hurray! New version of Star Trek: Quadrant Wars, with(drums please): MULTIPLAYER SUPPORT!!
Yes, you're reading it good! Version 0.41 has multiplayer support. It has a 2 player limit, because the program has to know what the ID of the player is... I'll change it soon. Weapons are not being transmitted, I'm sorry. But just have a look how fast it goes!
Note: There is a possibility that the game can get out of Sync., after some time (that means that the positions do not match anymore with the 2 PC's)

And, There's also a chat function in the program. Not all the characters are being displayed, I haven't had time to figure out all the ASCII codes :)
The program should work with IPX and TCP/IP (both on the local network), I haven't tested it with serial- and modem connection. Please try it out for yourself, and notify me if it doesn't work.
News of Saturday, 6/2/99:
February 2, 1999 - By Almar [Programmer]
Well, as you see I've changed the site. When you moveover the links you see what I mean. I've also added at the 'My Ideas' page, were you can find some nice ideas...
(From now on you can see when a page is updated)
I'd like you to inform for a chat at 7/2/99, 16:00 (GMT+1).I've created a chat program for it. Actually, the chat program is an 'external' version of the chatsystem that will be used by Star Trek: Quadrant Wars.

I've tested it with the local network (2 PC's), it worked perfectly. But now I need to know if it works at the TCP/IP protocol.
You can download it at the Download page.

At 7/2/99 I will post my IP address on this page. (It's required to connect.) Please note that if you try any Nuke attemps, Back Orifice scans, whatever, that I will notify your provider!

When the chat is going well, I can continue with the Internet programming!
News ofSunday, 24/1/99:
January 24, 1999 - By Almar [Programmer]
I'm sorry, I totally forgot to update the site, because my e-mail account is temporarily down.
But I'll tell you my current development:

I'm busy with the EPFM (Entity Property File Management)
The interface is basic so far, but it should be enough
Multiplayer is available, but it only works on one PC :), the rotation info is not send, but that's one minute of work.
Uploading the new version isn't useful, Because it uses the Winsock control. That means: big setup for little fun :)
When I have the MP game working at two sides, I'll upload it. And then I'll try to make it for more players at the same time...
oh yeah, also note that I'm planning to goto a domain name. It will about STQW, and the other programs I have created.
News of Saturday, 9/1/99:
January 9, 1999 - By Almar [Programmer]
Not much programming this week. I'm busy with the interface. There are some things not revealed on the new picture, but what I have here on my PC is cool!
I've got some (HARD-)study work next week, so I don't know my progress for next week. I'll try to finish pictures for:
Deflectors, Quantum torpedoes, Holo emitters, Shields,Phaser/Photon level, and maybe 'Stealth' (changes the shield freq, so that you look like a different ship :)
News of Sunday, 3/1/99:
January 3, 1999 - By Almar [Programmer]
Well the first multi-player game of STQW has been played!
I've found a way to play the game of at our small network around here.
Only the client version could see the other person, but I don't care at the moment.
I'm now busy with the game interface, so I won't upload new versions at the same speed as before.
From now on you've got two windows, the 'main' and a smaller that shows what's in front of you. (handy)
The main menu that you see when the game starts, is 100% changed (really, view it at the 'pictures' page).
News of Friday, 1/1/99:
January 1, 1999 - By Almar [Programmer]
There was a little bug in version 0.36 (both versions)
There was a file missing. please download the bug-fixed version: stqw2b.exe (56 KB) sorry for the problems. I've put the file in the .exe file only version, but NOT in the setup version (Or I have to upload the big file again).
News of Thursday, 31/12/98:
December 31, 1998 - By Almar [Programmer]
Well, the last day of the year...While I'm typing this, somewere it already is 1999. HAPPY NEWYEAR for everyone!
Version 0.36 is from now on available!
it includes:

The Romulan Warbird!
Momentum (sort gravity)
A 30% speed increase!
Check out the VRML PAGES!
Thanks for all the reactions, and for filling in the survey! Please continue with it. I broke my day-record of 21 hits a day yesterday. Make it higher! :).
News of Tuesday, 29/12/98:
December 29, 1998 - By Almar [Programmer]
Ever controlled a Romulan Warbird? No? Well Star Trek: Quadrant Wars lets you from now on!
Look at the pic! Isn't it beautiful? I've had some trouble with applying a color to it, but this should be realistic enough. Next ship will be a Cardassian ship, or a Borg.
News of Monday, 28/12/98:
December 29, 1998 - By Almar [Programmer]
I've removed the (!BEEP!) torpedoes, I've taken myself the opportunity to change them to 3D objects. The game is slower (maybe more than 20%!), But I don't think that there will be 50 torpedoes in one screen. (in the original game)
The torpedoes use a texture for their nice blue color. You can alter the texture freely. If you think you got a very nice one, feel free to SEND it to me.
Oh yeah, version 0.35 Includes LIMITED INTERNET SUPPORT. It's only head-to-head, and the chance that the connection stays open longer than 10 seconds is 1%. You will need to have the Winsock Control to run this version. Installable version only.
News of Friday, 25/12/98:
December 29, 1998 - By Almar [Programmer]
I've just got the torpedoes moving! and they are also removed after a period. Also a 'Hit-Counter', that shows how much times you have hit an enemy ship. Removing the ships isn't that usefull, so after you hit a ship they won't be destroyed (yet).
Version 0.34 is available for download. This version has all the stuff above.
NEW: Every time you need to install the program...Because that is much work, you now can download the .exe file only (So you haven't to download a file of almost 1 Mb, but one of around 50 Kb). Note that you MUST have installed one version. Or you won't have the other required files.

PS: tommorow (saturday) I'm away, so I can't upload anything (so you don't have to worry :)
News of Thursday, 24/12/98:
December 24, 1998 - By Almar [Programmer]
Version 0.33 available for download.
it has 2 AI ships, that aren't intelligent :)
(But they'll fly away!)
It only has one planet and 1 texture(Sun), to reduce the filesize. It's 2 times smaller then version 0.31.
While I'm typing this it's 10:51. I'll upload it in the evening.
And I can ofcourse make much progress today :).
I Have! I got the Collision-Detection back online!
And, inplace of 33 lines of code, it has 14!
News of Wednesday, 23/12/98:
December 23, 1998 - By Almar [Programmer]
I'm trying to get the AI shooting at the right moment.
But it doesn't work the way I want.
News of Tuesday, 22/12/98:
December 22, 1998 - By Almar [Programmer]
Nothing special...Only the AI is somewhat smarter :) Webpage is up again!
News of Monday, 21/12/98:
December 21, 1998 - By Almar [Programmer]
Well, maybe I'm going to create a single-player game in Star Trek: Quadrant Wars.
The AI of the is just a 'test' to see how fast the game will go.
But, seeing those ships moving in random direction looks VERY cool.
So, I'm busy with a smarter AI. At the moment they do fire within a range of some values, only the weapons don't move yet :(
(PS: Webpage still down. Why? well I don't know...)
News of Sunday, 20/12/98:
December 20, 1998 - By Almar [Programmer]
I accidentally removed a directory were VB had automatically saved the 'Functions' Class-Module.
The collision-detection code is lost, lucky that I have printed everything on paper Friday. But it's still gonna be a lot of type work.
(PS: My website went also down! )
News of Saturday, 19/12/98:
December 19, 1998 - By Almar [Programmer]
Well, I've uploaded the webpage!
I hope that there will be some visitors.
Note that the download of STQW is available, but you can't do much.
It is a little bit slow, because of some calculations when the planets are close to each other.
And I've got vacation!
News of Thursday, 17/12/98:
December 17, 1998 - By Almar [Programmer]
Weapons (photon torpedoes) charged! (but they don't move yet)
I haven't put it in the download version of STQW(0.31)
News of Wednesday, 16/12/98:
December 16, 1998 - By Almar [Programmer]
I've managed to put the texture files in one file.
The startup is slower now, but there are not much 'orphaned' files anymore.
News of Saturday, 5/12/98:
December 5, 1998 - By Almar [Programmer]
I've got the textures on the planets!
It looks much better than those texture less planets.
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